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Hi all:

Good to be here.

I can not draw, and I know it is absurd to have a dedicated account to the drawings, nor know much about editing and there is little that I can offer about that, but I like writing fanfics in my mind and formed an idea for fanfic where I will use new characters of my own authorship. So, I found someone who will do me the favor of drawing the characters of fiction, the problem is that neither she nor I know them or scan them in manga format. The idea of this channel is to know the characters and find someone who loves history, know and can do us the favor of convertila manga format.

The channel will use it exclusively for this fic, here go up ManaKarin entire gallery will please me draw and incidentally, the chapters of history to know that, in the future also leave links to the pages where I will upload the writing.

Thanks for your time and I will come soon to leave some information about the fic, so they know what's going on and if they would continue the story.
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Submitted on
August 24, 2012


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